Posted on: February 23, 2009 11:19 pm
Edited on: March 4, 2009 4:55 pm

Former Rivals on Your Favorite NBA team....

I’ve just got a question for some NBA and college basketball fans. I’m not really a big NBA fan but I do cheer for the Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Bobcats, and Washington Wizards. I consider myself to be a die-heard Heel fan and hope to live there one day. My father is a season football ticket holder and I attend all the games and cheer for Carolina in anything that they play. I just wanted to know do you cheer for former Duke Players on your NBA team. (This applies for any rivalry but I’m going to give examples through UNC-Duke. Most Carolina fans our Bobcat fans too but there aren’t any Dukies on this roster. (Duke Fans feel free to blog, if you’re a Duke fan “Do you cheer for Sean May and Raymond Felton on the Bobcats?”) The Chicago Bulls have a former Duke player named Luol Deng – C. For Bulls fans do you cheer for this player? On your favorite players on your NBA team list is he a favorite, average, or disliked player? The Wizards also don’t have a Duke Player on their team but they have two North Carolina players (Brendon Haywood, Antawn Jamison). This question just doesn’t apply for the Carolina-Duke rivalry it can be about any rivalry (be specific though). It doesn’t have to be the Bulls, Wizards, or Bobcats I was just picking the teams that I see most fans of from North Carolina basketball fans. So who is your college team, and do you like your college’s rivals (Former Duke Players EXAMPLE) on your favorite NBA team.


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